Tuscan Decorating Ideas To Make Decorating Your Home Easy - Learn Why It Is Todays Most Popular Tren

The sun is slowly sinking behind the Tuscan hills. The sky is alive with a warm, rosy-red glow. Nothing could be more relaxing than imagining yourself enjoying
This view.

If you would like to bring the peaceful, uplifting Italian Tuscan countryside into your
home, read on:
To create a uniquely Italian look, the following
aspects need to be considered: use of a bold design and original color scheme,
attention to detail, demand for quality and a desire for creative and dramatic
accents. Italian decorating expresses the individuality of the owner.
Obviously, Tuscan home decorating can involve many variables. You can create
an ambiance, your individual ambiance by selecting from a large variety of
uniquely Tuscan décor accessories.

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Bring this old world flavor into your room with bold simplicity. You will achieve
this by incorporating textural contrast and earthly colors.

Tuscan Decorating Ideas To Make Decorating Your Home Easy - Learn Why It Is Todays Most Popular Tren

Consider color first

when creating your look. The Tuscan people felt a connection
to nature, from the landscape to agriculture, so choose from these rich, earthy
tones: golden olive oil, terracotta, luscious olive green, deep browns, rich
burgundy, Mediterranean blues, burnt orange and golden yellow. These colors
may be made to look weathered or muted to create an attractive, timeless

One of the main features of Tuscan--Italian décor is the abundant use of
texture. Add texture to your walls by combining your paint with texture additives.
Wall texturing ideas include Venetian hand plastering, suede or granite texture
paints or sponge style painting techniques. These wall applications will give your
room that old world touch.

If you are planning a entire room makeover, you should consider stone tiles or
hardwood floors for a complete Tuscan decor look. But you may achieve the Italian theme, with the incorporation of a few great furniture choices and home
accessory pieces.

Solid hardwood furniture with textile or leather coverings are the trademark of an
authentic Tuscan home. Consider traditional, very comfortable style furnishings
to pull off your Tuscan feel. Strive for quality, uniqueness and personal comfort.

Much of the décor used in these traditional homes were from products that
were easily accessible in the region. With the help of local skilled artisans, many
unique works were created. The most popular materials used were tapestry
textiles, tile, wrought iron, ceramic, pottery, marble and hard woods.
When selecting your Tuscan decorations, start with a focus piece and work out
from there.

I would recommend that you select an Italian-Tuscan themed tapestry
Homedecoratingstudio.com has some great tapestry choices. A wall tapestry
will add texture, warmth and color. Tapestries are great for any room in your
home--whatever the theme. Select some of the colors in your tapestry to use
as accent colors throughout your room.

Tuscan wrought iron is an important feature for your Italian décor. Start by selecting a decorative rod for your tapestry. Now that you have placed your tapestry
above the sofa or fireplace mantel, you may now choose accessories to complete the entire wall. Tuscan wrought iron wall grills make very attractive accents
with a tapestry. The iron gives the sturdy, but simple Italian style and the tapestry softens the look for an inviting, comfortable feel. There are some great samples
of popular metal wall décor at homedecoratingstudio.com. You will always find the newest in Tuscan metal décor in our online home decorating catalog.

As you continue to add pieces to your room, remember to mix and match textures,
styles, colors, and shapes to create YOUR Tuscan room. Other trendy wall
décor that will bring your room to life may include a metal wall, mantel shelf. A
newer, emerging trend in Tuscan wall décor are metal wall pockets and candle
wall sconces. What makes the accessories work for you, is having unique
detailing and character, with an old world, aged finish.

One other interesting idea for your wall would be a wall clock. Wall
clocks have become a must have, functional home décor piece that accessorizes
any style home décor. Look for a clock of metal or a Tuscan style, hardwood frame.
Home decorating studio features a selection of very high quality, unique wall
clocks that would be a great addition to your Tuscan room.

Small, finishing touch accents may now be added. Give attention to every detail
by adding your own personal touches, incorporate such pieces as a grape
accented floral wreath or garland, word wall art and framed Tuscan wall art
or framed, inspirational verse art.

Your casual, Tuscan themed entertaining area calls for touches of décor featuring
wine: wine and grape wall art, metal wine bottle holders and wine word art.
Make it a fun, classy spot to entertain with unique, quality pieces that will help
you project an authentic Tuscan-Italian theme perfectly. Add the wine, glasses,
Napkins etc for the complete look.

The last areas to consider, are your shelves, counter tops, mantels and table areas.
Look for unique pottery pieces--vases and pitchers; chunky ceramic, marble or iron candlesticks; metal or ceramic containers; unique metal, wine bottle holders and large decorative chargers. Just remember, it's all about texture and color. We have some wonderful, unique tuscan decorating accessories in our online catalog. For a fresh, unique
selection of Italian-Tuscan home decorating accessories check out home decorating studio's online catalog; they have simply the best in selection, quality and price.

Article written by Belinda Crouse of http://www.homedecoratingstudio.com with 30 years
experience in the gift and home décor market.

Tuscan Decorating Ideas To Make Decorating Your Home Easy - Learn Why It Is Todays Most Popular Tren

This article is provided to you by Belinda Crouse, owner of [http://www.homedecoratingstudio.com] and Cotton Seed Studio. I have a BS degree from South Dakota State University in Textiles and Clothing- Retail. I have been the owner of a gift, craft and home decor business since 1983. I opened Cotton Seed Studio, a home decor, personal product, gift and coffee bar shop, in January 2006. I also do custom design projects, specialty boutiques and have started doing home staging for local realtors. Early in 2007, we introduced our on line home decor catalog: homedecoratingstudio.com

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Moving into a new house can sometimes cause a quandry. You can stand and stare at large... blank spaces for weeks wondering just what to do with them. These blank spaces are the walls of your new house or apartment.

Most people have a hard time figuring out what to do with their walls, because their thoughts are limited to just paint and pictures. There's actually quite a bit more you can do to decorate your walls though, and here are a few of my favorite tips:

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1. Create shadow boxes. These are especially nice to do as remembrances of loved ones who are no longer with us. If you want to create a shadow box for grandparents for instance, but you don't have anything handed down from them that could easily be used in this decoration, try visiting around to yard sales and flea markets. Find items that fit the timeframe of your grandparent's lives, or that remind you of them fondly. Use these items in your shadow boxes, then display them in a nice area of your home to symbolize both the love you had for them, and the legacy they left behind.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls

2. If you love blankets or quilts, there are some very unique ways to decorate your walls with these. Simply attach pieces of wood to your wall, drill holes in them, and put dowel rods in the holes. On these rods you can hang your quilts or blankets just like you can on a regular quilt rack, except this way they decorate your walls. Placing the items just above a sofa is a great way to keep blankets nearby when you watch movies or snuggle up next to the fire. Also, if you enjoy quilting or sewing, you may want to use a similar structure on the wall to hold bolts of fabric for your creations. The walls look lovely, and you're also organizing your home!

3. Here are just a few other ideas: You can use old windows and some curtains to make a faux window in a room without enough windows. Your can use old picture frames to "frame" an oil painting or collage or quotations. Using small vases, you can have fresh flowers hanging on your wall. You could also make part of your wall into corkboard or a set of box frames so that you can display your children's artwork.

So there you have multiple, easy, and inexpensive ways to uniquely decorate your walls!

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls

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©2005, Kathy Burns-Millyard. Professional stock photography and freelance writing.

Assemble at Home - Companies Are in Need of Assemble-at-Home Workers

Assemble at home products have increased in numbers because of the increase in the number of businesses wanting to hire workers to assemble their products at home. The variety of products that are now being farmed out to interested persons to assemble at home have also increased giving work at home workers a lot of product choices.

A company specializing in children's bikes has now entered the scene and a worker can thus involve himself in assembly of parts of this product. Another company that produces wall clocks is also a new player wherein individuals who might wish to assemble wall clocks can assemble different styles of wall clocks at home. There is also another company that produces electric fans who wishes to be included in the list. They are looking for people interested in assembling table fans at home.

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Assemble at Home - Companies Are in Need of Assemble-at-Home Workers

Assemble at home products that are now in demand because of the nearing Christmas Season are gift products like toys, jewelry and even electronic parts for use in electronic products such as cell phones, CD players, FM radios and many more electronic applications. Because of gift giving, products that are suited as gifts are the most in need of home workers.

Toy companies are even increasing their offer per piece so that they can attract more workers. Those that are already at work are being offered pay adjustment the moment they can reach a certain quota of finished products. This is usually the case when the month of December comes near. Aside from toys, electronics and jewelry assembly products, all other products would be in need of home workers because the purchasing power of employees during the month of December is high due to Christmas bonuses.

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Assemble at Home - Companies Are in Need of Assemble-at-Home Workers

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Curtain Room Dividers

Curtain dividers can be used in many ways. Young teenage girls generally prefer to use them to add a sense of style to their rooms, while at the same time creating a more private space for "hanging out." On a larger scale, businesses use large vinyl curtains to separate certain portions of a large room or to partition off areas for other uses.

If you have young children, you will see the usefulness of curtain room dividers. Young children generally do not like sharing their room. By using curtain dividers, you can create a border that will create a defined space for each child. This small gesture will go far in quieting the complaints of your children.

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Creating a curtain room divider is very easy. It generally does not require much work on your part. When installing something like this, you will have to use something to suspend the curtain from the ceiling. The use of a track is a good idea, because it makes it easier to slide the divider back if you want to expose the closed-off area of the room. A curtain rod works pretty well for this purpose, or you can create something on your own. If you plan on doing this, make sure it does not make the room too awkward. Once you have installed the rod, all you will need to do is install the curtain. You may buy curtain from a store or you create one yourself. This choice is up to your individual taste.

Curtain Room Dividers

When choosing a curtain divider, it is important to make sure that you do not choose one that will clash with your décor. It is not hard to find one that will compliment the look of your room, while at the same time add a unique look to the room.

Curtain Room Dividers

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Where to Buy Wholesale Discount Woodwick Candles

Getting quality candles is easy especially when you know where to buy wholesale discount Woodwick Candles. Not many people know but these scented candles can actually be used at homes. Perhaps, there are a number of people that can relate to my problem. You can actually get the house tidied up but there are times when you cannot avoid the existence of unwanted odor. To combat this problem, I usually stock up on perfumed candles.

In order to avoid the hassle of going to a store, I usually do my shopping at home. It's very convenient if you maximize your internet resources using search engines. Personally, I think that Woodwick is a very good brand since the smell it gives off lasts for a long period of time. Most of the time, I use the candle manufacturer's official website to find information regarding old and new scents and also, prices. Whenever I feel that they're too expensive, I use other websites which offer them at a lower price.

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Only a few people know that there are sites that can offer promos which can enable them to buy a bulk of candles without spending too much. I have experience getting extra candles whenever I avail of these special bargains. You can actually get to them if you diligently search through the internet. So, in short, candles do not only light up homes but they can also make a relaxing and fragrant atmosphere in the home. To get them at a lesser price, you can try searching where to buy wholesale discount Woodwick Candles and you'll get great results.

Where to Buy Wholesale Discount Woodwick Candles
Where to Buy Wholesale Discount Woodwick Candles

If you're looking to save on wholesale candles, here are some good Woodwick discount candle coupons you can try.

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