Novel Ideas for Decorating With Wall Clocks

Anyone can hang a wall clock. All you need is a nail, some space, and occasionally a beam. However when you start to truly contemplate the possibilities, you begin to understand that even in this seemingly simple task there is a huge potential for creativity.

Lines and Rows

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The simple method is to choose a bare looking wall, and simply place the clock in its center. While this is of course effective, it doesn't take into account the rest of the elements in the room. The clock is a part of the whole, and as such can and should coordinate with other objects to create an overall impression.

Novel Ideas for Decorating With Wall Clocks

One way to integrate your clock into the rest of the room is to align it with other decorative objects. Wall items such as mirrors, posters, or artwork, can be placed on a virtual horizon to create a linear arrangement. This way instead of a group of isolated items, you get a single integrated look.

Getting a little fancier, these virtual lines can run not only left to right, but up and down. This has the added benefit of creating virtual height in a space. Lines can also run diagonally, although if you overuse this technique you can get a space which is unbalanced. Always be certain to use diagonal wall arrangements tastefully, and to use plenty of linear stations to complete the falling line.

Multiple Clock Arrangements

In lieu of placing your timepiece in an arrangement with other items, it is often desirable to create an array entirely from a variety of clocks. This has the advantage of instantly matching, both stylistically, as well as with the synchronization that comes from matching their motor ticks to one another.

Wall clocks can easily be arranged in rows as with other items, and lines of two or three clocks can be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Patterns can also be designed, such as a hanging diamond formation, or a star. When the clock hands are properly synchronized, this can create an impressive effect.

When decorating with groups of clocks, their various colors and styles can be used to further enhance the decorative scheme. If you have a trio of clocks, you can place emphasis on any of them by choosing one which is a slightly different, albeit matching color, from the other two. Making the center clock different will focus attention on the display, while doing this to one of the end clocks will focus peoples eyes beyond, in the direction of the different clock.

Shape can also be coordinated in wall clocks, with squares matched to diamonds, and circle shaped clocks bordering squares. There are also multicolored clocks which are available, that will have a unique display of color throughout its surface. These used in conjunction can create a truly unique display.

Often we overlook the wall clock as little more than a utility, a structure designed to serve its stated purpose in as unobtrusive a way as possible. Even when we go one step further and decide to display an impressive, novel, or attractive clock, usually we just hang it from any spare wall, an isolated piece neither adding to nor subtracting from the total appearance of the space. However, with a little imagination, you can integrate your wall clocks into your existing wall décor, and make it a part of the overall decorative scheme. Even further, you can use wall clocks themselves as a room's style, displaying a synchronized display of your own decorative style.

Novel Ideas for Decorating With Wall Clocks

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