8 Unique Gift Ideas for the Office and Coworkers

Whether it's an office holiday party, an anniversary celebration or simply an appreciation day, office gifts are great for showing you care about those you work side-by-side with each day. Not sure what gift to bring? Here are eight unique gift ideas for the office to get your wheels turning.

1. Everyday Items

\"wall Clocks \"

No matter what the occasion, everyday items such as housewares, jewelry, bath items, kitchen items, and garden accessories still make great gifts - especially for women. Inquire beforehand about the color of their kitchen or bathroom, or the theme of their yard or garden. Then, you can choose accessories for their home or garden that will blend nicely with their home decor. They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness!

8 Unique Gift Ideas for the Office and Coworkers

2. Collectibles

If your co-worker collects certain items such as figurines, porcelain dolls, or model cars and model ships, you can give a gift that they can add to their collection. The great thing about collectibles is they are useful, often decorative, and can be a keepsake for a lifetime.

3. Gifts for Inspiration

Inspire your co-workers with poetic books or inspirational paintings. Find out what type of art they enjoy. Also, be sure they enjoy reading before buying books. Patriotic gifts can also be inspirational.

4. Gifts for Him

For the men in your workplace, focus on gift product categories such as sporting goods, automotive, and travel. Men are often fascinated with new tools, electronic products such as cell phones and iPods, and anything to do with the outdoors.

5. Gifts for Her

When buying for a female co-worker, you usually can't go wrong with items such as housewares, health and beauty products, jewelry, photo albums, and home and bath accessories. Most women also love to shop, so gift cards to their local department store would make a great gift!

6. Gifts for the Boss

Buying for the boss can be a daunting task. Don't let it worry you. Buy for your boss just as you would anyone else. Treat him or her like they're part of the office, not just a boss. Get to know their likes and dislikes before buying. You can buy something to decorate their office or to make their work easier, or you can be more personal with your gift. Other gift ideas for bosses include pen sets, gift baskets, and organizers. If you work where it is prohibited to give individual gifts to the boss, suggest a group gift from all the workers if that's allowed.

7. Gifts for Employees

If you are "the boss" then you understand how important it is to give gifts to employees. Gifts should be given not only during holidays, but also several times throughout the year to show appreciation for an employee's hard work. Some gifts you can give employees can be gift cards, company T-shirts or sweat shirts, organizers for their desks, and best of all - a bonus check! You can also hold a company picnic for all employees to enjoy.

8. Office Chinese Auction Gifts

If your office is holding a Chinese auction for gift-exchanges, then consider a gift that would be fitting for a male or female. Some ideas are decorative items such as wall clocks or wall calendars, or office-related items. There are also gift cards, tickets to a popular local event, and electronics.

To find great gifts for the office, you can visit an online store and enjoy shopping from home. At online stores, you can find all your gifts plus other items, such as toys, sports memorabilia, men's and women's apparel, and more. Some sites even offer a gift registry for bridal and baby showers. You can search for gifts and other products through categories and easily find what you need.

Use these office gift ideas for guidance as you buy gifts for your co-workers, employees, or boss on the next special occasion.

8 Unique Gift Ideas for the Office and Coworkers

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