Decorative Light Switch Plates - Easily Cleaned

If you've ever owned a home with kids, you know how messy those nice decorative light switch plates you put up can become in a relatively short time. It almost seems as soon as you turn your back, someone snuck into the bathroom or hallway and put a set of grubby handprints on those plates. If you were a CSI investigator you could probably hunt down the culprit. But instead you are just annoyed at the mess on those decorative light switch plates that were supposed to look so beautiful.

There are a few ways to counter the mess of finger marked decorative light switch plates. It's in knowing which plates hold and show the marks, and which ones don't.


One of the easiest ways to keep those finger prints off the decorative light switch plates you so lovingly selected for your home is to have plates that don't make those prints obvious. Choosing metal plates, like copper and brass that have a texture to them can help. If you have a smooth copper or glass, it will show the fingerprints in obvious fashion, but with textured pieces of metal that have been cast into designs and shapes, all the grooves and indentations of the design make it hard for the fingerprints to transfer to the material. They will likely transfer to the upper portions of the design but will not be obvious and will be gone as soon as you wipe the surface.

Decorative Light Switch Plates - Easily Cleaned

Want something with a little more color? No problem. You can look into porcelain and ceramic decorative plates. These come in a number of beautiful designs, some even hand-painted becoming individual miniature artworks. While these will hold and accept fingerprints, a quick wipe off the slick surface will make those fingerprints just a bad memory that has gone away.

You could also consider hiding the fingerprints within a design. If you select marble decorative light switch plates, the fingerprints may not be overly obvious right away as those prints can blend in with the striations in the marble. Sure, you will know, but to a casual visitor, they will just see marble and move on. You can also take comfort in the fact that those marble switch plates will be easy to clean once the guests aren't looking and ready to hide even more prints in the future.

Another style of decorative light switch plates that will disguise fingerprints until you have time to clean them are upholstered plates. We're not talking typical upholstery fabric over a plate, but upholstery fabric that has been put over a plate and then glazed a number of times. When this is done properly the finished pieces feel like they well may be decorative light switch plates made of ceramic. These layers of glaze make them very easy to wash, and the fact that upholstery fabric is underneath means there is an endless variety of designs to choose from.

We all know the decorative light switch plates you put in your home can help define the space. Now you can select the pieces to give your home character, but also that you can keep clean and new looking, day after day.

Decorative Light Switch Plates - Easily Cleaned

Jennifer Akre, owner of numerous online specialty shops, shares her insight on how to create more space in your home by using decorative switchplate covers sleek switch plates and charming light switch plate