Looking at Brand Name Wall Clocks

When considering a piece of art for your walls, it is important to take into account the artist. In this case, we are talking about wall clocks and the 'artists' are the brands behind the clocks themselves. In a very real sense, they are the same thing. If you want a quality piece of art, you seek out a very qualified artist. There are many types of art, but it would be fair to say that in the case of a clock, design, craftsmanship and quality are important characteristics.

There are many different brands of clocks to choose from. Some of my favorite styles come from renowned brands such as Bulova and Seiko. Interestingly, Seiko is a Japanese brand that started out as Seikosha. Both of these brands are probably more well known for their watches than their clocks here in the United States at least. Another nice choice in clock design and craftsmanship is Hermle. These are known for nice lines and craftsmanship. You can shop for them in one of their three categories: elegant, classical and contemporary.

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Another very popular choice is the Howard Miller wall clock brand. Within this brand, you can find a variety of contemporary styles. This company was started in 1926 by 21 year old Howard Miller. He was trained by his father in the Black Forest region of Germany. The company became popular for their focus on grandfather clocks that began in the 1960s. Since then, they have continued to create finely crafted hanging time pieces.

Looking at Brand Name Wall Clocks

Another player in the wall clock market is Infinity Instruments. They are a relatively new company and have many affordable styles. Their look is more contemporary with large wall clocks being one of note. While they have different looks, the majority seem to be well designed for today's modern home decors. Many different styles of circular clocks are their signature. If you are looking for a pendulum clock or something like an antique wall clock with a wooden case, you should look to one of the other brands.

Finally, I'd like to mention Seth Thomas as another manufacturer of wall clocks. This company is another that has been around for a long time. The company is America's oldest clockmaker since 1813. Can you believe that? This company has the distinct honor of having their clock in Grand Central Station in New York City. Now, their clocks for your home's walls, can be a bit more subdued and refined. They remain one of the nicest choices for your consideration in the wall clock market.

Looking at Brand Name Wall Clocks

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