The Different Types of Wooden Clocks

Modern wooden clocks could be of any kind. They could be clocks made using traditional designs out of wood. They could be clocks in modernistic designs. So, the design could be quite traditional or it could be quite radical. Mostly, they may be made of wood. But that doesn't mean that it could not be made of a combination of other materials. A wooden modern clock could very well be made of wood combined with some other component.

Modern wooden clocks are available in various designs and styles. From very plain designs and styles to very intricately designed ones. They can be the usual looking conventional types. Or they could be very stylish and complicated ones.

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They come in various types also. They could be wall-mounted, table top kinds, or the grandfather clocks. No wonder it can be very confusing for a clock collector to decide which wooden clock they should go ahead and buy.

The Different Types of Wooden Clocks

If you are a collector of modern wooden clocks, then you can collect them in various designs and styles from various clock designers and clock producers.

There are some clocks which have a traditional watch face. And then there are some which have a digital led face instead. In some of these clocks, you will find that the traditional clock face has been reworked and remade into something quite stylish and sophisticated.

The choices are many. So, you won't find it difficult to find differently looking modern wooden clocks for your own personal collection. Wood can be carved in various ways and in different shapes. It is possible to use it in combination with many other materials also. What's more, it can also be colored using different colors. So, don't think that you will have any problem in finding suitable pieces for your collection.

There are also clocks with pendulums made of wood and glass. Then some of them are made with bamboo with led timepieces. They can be very uniquely shaped. Some can even give the look of a beautiful sculpture.

The wood used in these clocks can vary. Pine, oak, and birch are probably the most popular woods that are used to make these clocks.

The Different Types of Wooden Clocks

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