Murano Glass Wall Clocks - Combining Beauty and Elegance

It is almost impossible for you not to have heard of the Murano glass and the beautifully products made using it. Murano is one of the most desired destination for tourists and art and jewelry lovers. Murano is a region known for its glass products since the early 13th century and its products are extremely priced at glass and jewelry fairs, exhibits and auctions. All Murano glass products are manufactured by hand and each is given a lot of attention to detail and finesse. Simply put, you will not find more exquisite glass items than those produced in Murano.

If you are interested in a new clock for you or to offer as a gift, a Murano glass wall clock can be the perfect solution. Murano glass wall clocks are some of the most beautifully handcrafted clocks in the world and their secret is that all the clock's mechanisms and dials are on one side and another of a plate made of Murano glass. It comes in all sorts of colors (and because the manufacturing processes have been refined for centuries, the color intensity and nuance are unrivaled).

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Murano glass wall clocks are built with an extreme attention for fine detail and you can choose among the many models available. It all depends on what you like and what you are looking for: you can find clocks inspired by the sun, inspired by various musical instruments, or by other ancient motifs or sciences: Roman motifs, mosaic, astronomical or horoscope motifs and many, many more).

Murano Glass Wall Clocks - Combining Beauty and Elegance

Murano glass clocks come in a large palette of colors so you can buy the color that suits your needs. The glass is colored during its manufacturing process and not painted on top afterwards, so you are guaranteed that your wall clock's color will last for as long as the clock will. Murano glass makers are famous for their glass's aquamarine (they obtain this color by including copper and cobalt compounds during the manufacturing process) and for their ruby reds (which uses a gold solution to give its shiny aspect and intense color).

Usually, wall clocks are round and with large dials so you can read the time anytime without any problems. Even when looking at the clock's dials you will notice the time spent in arranging all the clock's details. Clocks that are decorated with more complex motifs and paintings are simply astonishing and if you intend to buy a clock to be offered as a gift, you can be sure that your present will be noticed.

All the Murano glass wall clocks are manually built in specialized shops, ensuring you a great clock durability and reliability. Most clocks are battery operated and all you have to do is to change it when it is finished. Buying such a wall clock will surely give your room another look due to their beauty and craftsmanship.

Murano Glass Wall Clocks - Combining Beauty and Elegance

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